HIA Resources, Webinars, and Trainings 

As part of NNPHI’s Health Impact Assessment (HIA) capacity-building initiative and work with the National Prevention Council, the Oregon Public Health Institute (OPHI) and Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) have developed an extensive set of HIA training and technical assistance materials. Other public health institutes (PHIs) have also developed HIA training materials. The list below includes multiple links to webinars, slides, worksheet exercises, and templates developed by PHIs 

HIA 101

HIA 101 Webinar (9.30.11): Regional HIA Training Centers, Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) and Oregon Public Health Institute (OPHI),  provided an overview of HIA, as well as an overview of the upcoming HIA Training and Demonstration Project opportunities for which all public health institutes (PHIs) could apply.

HIA Screening

Steps of HIA: Screening: Webinar (10.4.11): During this interactive webinar, the regional HIA training centers, GHPC and OPHI, explored how projects, plans, and policies should be screened to determine their suitability for serving as the subject of an HIA. Participants also shared HIA screening questions.  

HIA Assessment

Steps of HIA: Assessment: Webinar (1.23.12): During this interactive webinar, the regional HIA training centers, GHPC and OPHI, explored the topic of Assessment in the process of a Health Impact Assessment (HIA). Participants also shared HIA Assessment questions. 

HIA Training and Training Materials

Oregon Public Health Institute (OPHI) and Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) worked with Health Impact Project (HIP) and NNPHI staff to develop a curriculum for a comprehensive, two-day HIA training/workshop to train staff at ten public health institutes (PHIs) from around the country. This training was given by Health Impact Project staff, faculty from OPHI and GHPC, and additional national experts.  It walked participants through the steps of the HIA process and provide opportunities for technical assistance (TA) on individual HIAs.  

Participants from ten PHIs were selected through a competitive process administered by NNPHI, in consultation with OPHI, GHPC, and HIP staff. The training took place at The Pew Charitable Trusts in Washington D.C.in November 2011. The training curriculum is available online on the Health Impact Project website. After the training, PHIs returned to their communities to complete their pilot HIAs.  

Training Materials:


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NNPHI Report on the Institutionalization of HIA Practice

Learn more about strategies that public health institutes have utilized to support the institutionalization of HIA practice in their states and regions.  PHIs recommend that organizations explore creative approaches toward leveraging their existing resources in coordination with grant funding from a national, state, or local funders to create HIA as an embedded practice.  View the report here.

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